Real Estate

Purchase real estate within designated “green zones” and the subsequent
leasing of these properties to “green tenants” or,

Locate and procure green zone real estate for lease by our partner clients.

The transformative momentum of the US population and the legalization at the state level has given rise to numerous real estate opportunities in the cannabis industry. CannaVentures  goal is to support cannabis companies on several levels including the purchase of green real estate and the subsequent leasing to green tenants. CannaVentures  has a variety of innovative real estate strategies to assist real estate owners (sale/leaseback) and tenants, allowing companies to better utilize their resources and letting them do what they do best- grow, process, distribute, transport, test, sell. 

Access to Capital

CannaVentures present owners of green real estate with an exciting new option. While the debt market for green real estate has still not been established, all equity buyers, like CannaVentures, has the ability to pay market value for property without having to access the troubled debt marketplace. We can close quickly and with confidence. Also, for owner/occupiers, rather than having a large asset on the company books, selling your building and leasing the property back can afford the owner access to immediate capital that may be deployed into the operations.

Improve the Bottom Line

Every business’ goal is to improve the bottom line. Selling a large asset like real estate and removing liabilities like insurance, taxation, and debt obligations frees up capital to allow the money to be deployed in other aspects of your business, thereby generating higher returns. CannaVentures understands the marketplace, has experience in closing deals, and has access to ready capital.

Minimize Risk

Most owner/operators in the cannabis industry have a deep knowledge and understanding of their business operations but are not as adept in the real estate ownership arena. Owning a business in the cannabis marketplace has its own set of unique challenges. Removing the risks involved with real estate ownership allows the company to focus its attention on operations, marketing, sales, and growth. CannaVentures is uniquely positioned to assist owners of real estate in green zones.

High Cap Rates

The management of CannaVentures have decades of experience in the cannabis and real estate markets and will capitalize on the current state of real estate in certain green zones. The inefficiencies in green real estate including lack of debt and conflicting signals at city, state, and federal levels allow for opportunities for the savvy investor. The rental rates currently being paid by green tenants and the capitalization rates for green buyers far exceed traditional rates. This win-win situation affords tenants access to prime real estate to conduct their business with confidence and better bottom lines for both tenant and CannaVentures.

Lease from an Expert

CannaVentures has the ability to add value to any existing or new cannabis business. Purchasing and leasing green real estate is only one small slice of our Company’s capabilities. CannaVentures is willing and able to assist any cannabis business to help- design an optimal facility, customized an equipment package, train staff in all operational phases including proprietary cultivation methods, finance new or existing ventures, lease one of our licenses or guide your company through the license process, expand market exposure, increase sales and distribution channels, and/or consult with our team for general marijuana or strain specific information. CannaVentures‘ expertise runs from seed to bottom line.