CannaVentures, Inc.

CannaVentures partners with startup and existing cannabis businesses by investing capital to form joint ventures and provide consulting services to small to mid-sized companies. 

The Company is building a focused portfolio of cannabis joint venture partner companies in early to mid-stage of growth. CannaVentures partners with companies with solid business models with strong management teams that are well positioned to capitalize on the fast-changing, lucrative cannabis industry in all states that have legalized the medical and or recreational use of marijuana. CannaVentures receives royalty and consulting payments and a small ownership in our joint venture partner companies. 

The Company has a deep knowledge of the cannabis industry with capabilities and experience in all relevant cannabis product specific disciplines, including:

· Financing through a royalty/streaming (defined here) model of cannabis companies;

· Sourcing real estate in designated “green zones”;

· Cannabis licensing and regulatory issues;

· Facility design and build out;

· Equipment procurement and leasing;

· Technology utilization;

· Cannabis operations;

· Cannabis marketing, sales, and distribution; and

· Brand building.

CannaVentures has identified access to capital combines with industry experience addressing the primary needs in the US cannabis market for new and existing companies. CannaVentures has taken an institutional approach towards cannabis financing by accessing public  capital and providing high level consulting services in return for streaming and consulting revenues and a small equity ownership of partner companies. 

Streaming is a unique financing arrangement first used in the precious metal industry.  The streaming model is simply  aproduct sharing (streaming ) in exchange formupfront capital. CannaVentures  makes an upfront payment to a receiving company ( new or existing cannabis company) in consideration for the right to purchase a future stream of product (harvested marijuana or processed oil) in the form of a royalty at a pre-determined price and length of time. The streaming company may not receive an interest payment and typically receives a small  equity ownership in the receiving company. A capital infusion using a streaming method enables cannabis companies to receive access to funds, to keep the vast majority of its ownership, and to access a knowledgeable, experienced team of cannabis professionals.