About Us

CannaVentures is a Value-Add Financial Partner to the Cannabis Market. CannaVentures adds capital and expertise to new and existing cannabis companies.

CannaVentures has identified the financing void in the US cannabis market as the rate limiting factor in the growth of the cannabis industry. CannaVentures is more than just a financing vehicle for cash strapped cannabis companies. CannaVentures is a trusted strategic partner with the tools and experience to assist companies at all stages of evolution. CannaVentures is taking an institutional approach towards cannabis financing that will allow new and existing cannabis companies to better define their pathway to success. 
CannaVentures is structured to capitalize on the founders’ expertise, the fragmented cannabis financing market, and the access to the public capital markets to raise capital to invest in cannabis-related companies. As the Company grows, new funds will be raised and utilized to continue the streaming strategy.