CannaVentures has a strong market presence and is experienced in all phases of the cannabis business- design an optimal facility, customize an ideal equipment solution, train staff in all operational phases including proprietary cultivation methods, finance new or existing ventures, guide your company through the licensing process, expand market exposure, increase sales and distribution channels, and/or consult with our team for general marijuana or strain specific information. Our expertise runs from design to bottom line.

Facility Design

The CannaVentures‘ team has vast experience in designing optimal cultivation and processing facilities. Our designs integrate workflow and ergonomics to maximize output in an efficient and cost-effective manner that incorporates detailed water, power, and air flow systems. Our team is current with the latest regulations to ensure that all plans are up to fire code and building use permit standards.

Equipment Package

CannaVentures‘ team of experts can assist in the purchase of grow and/or processing equipment. We have experience with HVAC systems, lighting, hydroponic, distillation, and testing equipment, CO2, ethanol, and butane extractors, and more.

Six Sigma Cultivation/Processing Methods

CannaVentures will provide you with consultants fully versed in Six Sigma Cultivation and Processing Methods. Six Sigma is a set of techniques and tools for process improvement. CannaVentures has extensive knowledge of the Six Sigma system and can implement this system to help increase your Company’s productivity and profitability. Adherents to Six Sigma have seen production and bottom line increases of up to fifty percent.

Marketing and Sales

CannaVentures has a wide network of relationships that can improve your company’s marketing efforts and increase your sales. Given CannaVentures‘ status as a public company any news that our joint efforts generate will increase awareness of your Company. This increased awareness may help your brand, your sales, and your bottom line. CannaVentures has developed extensive sales outlets to be able to get your product in front of a larger group of potential buyers. Create awareness, sell more.

General Support

A relationship with CannaVentures gives you and your company better access to a variety of potential game changers to improve your bottom line. In additional to all the advantages mentioned above, our team is skilled in the industry-specific legal and financial challenges cannabis companies face. CannaVentures knows cannabis. Our product knowledge is well honed and has been a passion of ours for decades.